Privacy Policy

Last update:  01/06/2024


Yuno is committed to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your data. The purpose of this document is to clarify which information is collected from users of our websites and respective services, as well as how this data is used.

What do I need to know to understand this policy?

For the purposes of this Policy, the following definitions, when appearing with their initial letter capitalized, have the meanings indicated below:

  • "Personal Data": refers to any and all information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, obtained through online or offline means, including identifying numbers, location data, electronic identifiers, sensitive data, or any data that, when combined with other information, is capable of identifying a natural person, making them identifiable, or individualizing them.   "Data Subject": refers to the natural person to whom the Processed Personal Data relates. In the context of this policy, it may be the visitors of our websites, a legal representative of a legal entity, or end customers of Yuno, depending on the specific case.
  • "Processing": refers to any operation performed with Personal Data, including collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, deletion, evaluation, or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.
  • "Applicable Local Legislation": refers to any legislation applicable to the context of the Processing of Personal Data carried out by Yuno, including, but not limited to, the GDPR, and the Personal Data Protection Laws of Brazil LGPD , Colombia Ley 1581 de 2012 and Mexico LFPDPPP data protection laws.
  • "Yuno Group" or "Yuno": refers to all companies that are part of the Yuno economic group, including Yuno Intermediação de Serviços Ltda., Yuno Colombia SAS, Yuno Tecnologías S.A.P.I. de C.V, Yuno Payments LLC, and Yuno Payments Limited.

What do I need to know to understand this policy?

For the purposes of this Policy, the following definitions, when appearing with their initial letter capitalized, have the meanings indicated below:

  • First and last name;
  • Identification numbers;
  • Address;
  • Country of residence;
  • Nationality;
  • Marital status;
  • Date of birth;
  • Date of entry;
  • Gender;
  • Cell phone number;
  • Corporate or personal email;
  • Banking/financial information;
  • Transactional information;
  • Participation in compensation funds

The collected personal data may be used for, among others, the following purposes:

  • Collect Personal Data and incorporate it into Yuno's database.
  • Facilitate transactional flow between payment process actors and assist in processing payment transactions.
  • Provide services and carry out contracted activities with Yuno.
  • Authenticate data to validate, mitigate, and provide protection in cases of identity theft or fraud.
  • Send promotional messages and communications.
  • Develop new products or services.
  • Collect, maintain, manage, and use received information to establish customer or supplier relationships.
  • Carry out operations and management related to invoice generation and payment, certificate issuance, and accounting.
  • Enter into, execute, and manage business proposals and contracts related to the provided services.
  • Use the data for internal or commercial administrative purposes, such as preparing and presenting quotations, invoices, trade references, market research, and statistical analysis. Study and analyze the provided information for monitoring and improving service and customer support by Yuno.
  • Fulfill legal duties and obligations.

We do not sell, otherwise disclose, or share data we collect and hold about you, except as described in this Privacy Policy. We may share your personal data with third parties as described above.

Does Yuno perform international transfers of personal data?

International data transfer refers to any transfer or sharing of personal data that takes place to a foreign country. For example, the hiring of a server located in the United States for hosting personal data can constitutes an international transfer. In this regard, personal data processed by Yuno may be shared with other companies within the Yuno group, ensuring the security of the information during the transfer and compliance with the Applicable Local Legislation.

How can I exercise my rights as a data subject?

When a data subject requests the exercise of any of their rights regarding privacy and the protection of their Personal Data, Yuno will follow specific procedures to comply with such rights in accordance with obligations defined in the Applicable Local Legislation. Below are brief explanations of some rights that may be requested, depending on the Applicable Local Legislation:

What are the Data Subject rights?

  • Confirmation of the existence of processing: This right allows the Data Subject to request and receive confirmation about the collection, storage, sharing, or any type of processing carried out by Yuno with the Data Subject's Personal Data.
  • Access to Personal Data: This right allows the Data Subject to request and receive a copy, in an accessible format, of the Personal Data processed by Yuno.
  • Rectification of Personal Data: If the Data Subject identifies any inaccuracies or errors in their Personal Data processed by Yuno, they may request the rectification of such information.
  • Anonymization, blocking, or deletion of Personal Data: This right allows for the anonymization, blocking, or deletion of Personal Data from Yuno's database when it is unnecessary, excessive, or has been processed in violation of the Applicable Local Legislation.
  • Data portability: This right allows the Data Subject to request the portability of their Personal Data, with Yuno being required to share it with a third party indicated by the Data Subject.
  • Withdrawal of consent: The Data Subject has the right to withdraw their consent or, if applicable, not provide it and be informed about the consequences of the refusal, considering that Yuno may not be able to provide certain products or services to the Data Subject in such cases.
  • Review of automated decisions: The Data Subject has the right to request a review of decisions based solely on automated processing of Personal Data and to receive clear and adequate information about the criteria used in the decision.
  • Objection to processing: The Data Subject also has the right to object to certain purposes of the processing of Personal Data.

How should the Data Subject's request be analyzed?

Every request to exercise Data Subject rights should be sent to the email address, which will analyze the Data Subject's request and promptly review Yuno's actions in the specific case.

In some situations, Yuno may only act as a data processor for the Personal Data processed. In such cases, you may need to directly contact the company responsible for processing your Personal Data in order to exercise your rights.

Furthermore, as a security measure to ensure that Personal Data is not disclosed to anyone who is not entitled to receive it, it may be necessary to request specific information from the Data Subject to confirm their identity and ensure the effective exercise of their rights. This is a security measure to ensure that your Personal Data is not disclosed to anyone who is not entitled to receive it.

How Yuno protect your personal data

We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the personal data you provide against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use. Service providers and contractors who might have access to your data in order to provide services on our behalf will be contractually obliged to keep such data in confidence, provide adequate data security measures, and may not use that data for any other purpose.

For your own protection, we encourage you not to include sensitive personal data, credit card or similar personal data in any e-mails you send us or our staff.

How long does Yuno store your data?

At Yuno, Personal Data is stored only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, unless there is any other reason for its retention, such as compliance with legal, regulatory, contractual obligations, among others permitted by the Applicable Local Legislation. Yuno always conducts a technical analysis to determine the appropriate retention period for each collected Personal Data, considering its nature, the need for collection and its purpose, as well as any retention requirements for compliance with obligations or the protection of rights.

Does Yuno process special categories of data or data of children and adolescents?

If Yuno processes special categories of data or data of children or adolescents, the Data Subject will always be informed about the specific purposes for which such information will be used. In the case of children and adolescents, in particular, Yuno will process the Personal Data considering the best interests of the minor. In both cases, Yuno will process the data in compliance with the Applicable Local Legislation and always based on the best available information security measures and for the purpose of providing the services contracted by the Data Subject or partner commercial establishment.

How to contact Yuno?

If the Data Subject believes that their personal information has been used in a manner inconsistent with this Policy, or if they have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this Policy, the Data Subject may contact Yuno through the following channel:

Changes to this policy

This Policy may be reviewed, updated, and changed annually or at any time, at the sole discretion of Yuno, whenever any relevant fact or event warrants its early revision.

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