Unified payments for your business with Yuno

There's an urgency for payment integrations, and companies must choose among various providers because they don't meet all their needs.

Latin America has a problem regarding companies' payment processing: it's outdated. There's an urgency for payment integrations, and companies must choose among various providers because they don't meet all their needs. An all-in-one solution for businesses that connects to hundreds of payment methods and offers a fast, secure, and user-friendly experience could change everything. That's what Yuno is all about.

One integration, all payment methods

Yuno offers a single integration for all available payment environments. We created this place, but you have total control over it: manage your flow, use tools to group and reconcile all your transactional data, and ultimately connect your company to a global payment ecosystem.

We understand how usability is essential. That's why you're just a few clicks away from controlling your payment stack. You can enable or disable different payment methods in our control panel and access an integrated payment with full customization and user-based payment method tokenization in a low-code environment.

Yuno is accessible, flexible, and secure. Our responsive user experience showcases  the payment methods you choose, along with 3DS and payment modules. At the same time, Yuno's customizable user interface allows for an exceptional experience, with PCI Level 1 compliance providing a centralized vault for recurring payments.

All your data in one place

Keeping track of your business is essential. That's why our app offers an intuitive and powerful dashboard where all your data is consolidated in one place: analytics, sales, and declines. Additionally, a reconciliation feature provides visibility to the team and information on the transaction level of what has been reconciled and what is pending. You can visualize transaction information, issue refunds, handle chargebacks, and more. Yuno is designed and built to be as easy as it sounds.

Alternative and Disruptive Payment Methods

New payment methods also help by bringing lower processing costs and, generally, without chargeback processes. E-wallets, for example, offer multiple advantages for customers, such as not needing to fill in card details for each payment, saved and protected payment information, easy online shopping, fast payments, and secure cash savings. Neobanks, on the other hand, are fintechs that offer services tailored to the current digital age. Despite not having a bank card and rarely having in-person physical assistance, lower fees and the practical use of e-wallets for daily activities via mobile, anywhere, anytime, make neobanks a suitable choice for customers. Yuno understands such possibilities and offers connections to these services in our Unified Payment.

Smart Routing

Many companies lose significant potential sales due to the lack of proper payment routing. Yuno features a payment network system that connects to the appropriate financial institutions for each transaction, significantly improving approval rates.  Smart Routing enhances the user payment experience by preventing sluggishness during checkout: customer information and payment methods form the basis for analyzing which financial entities can process the payment at the moment.

With Yuno's Ultimate Checkout, you can swiftly process payments or capture your customers' payment method information for future purchases, providing a seamless experience with just one click.