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Smart routing

Set sophisticated rules to account for the diversity and nuance of your transaction routing needs.
Fallback routing
Automatically retry transactions in case of false positive declines, system errors, and failures.
Automatically forward failed transactions to alternative service providers until acceptance is reached.
Downtime protection
Set up redundant, automated protections against provider outages and non-responsive endpoints.
Cross-border payments
Prioritize the display of optimal local payment methods based on geography and nuances of customer profile.
Risk-based routing
Push to low-risk payment methods, channels with low transaction costs, and providers most likely to authorize.
Geographic optimization
Automate routing to the optimal payment service provider by geography to reduce fees and decline rate.


Unify, filter, and analyze your entire stack.
Combine the granular data of your entire global integrations stack into one data set.
Filter your analyses and view the data from any lens you like. Combine filters for more nuance.
View comprehensive data, summaries, averages, rates, statuses, rankings, and rationale.

Payment hub

Analyze all of your transactions in a single command center.
Scope your view — from all payments to all transactions to all fraud screenings.
Upload files and refund cusomters in batches with the click of a button.
Export to share reports with company stakeholders and third party providers.
Automatically retry transactions in case of false positive declines, system errors, and failures.
Filter by date, accounts, payment status, providers, payment methods, and more.

Checkout builder

Customize the visual and functional settings of your checkout, without code.
Select payment methods
Toggle payment methods on and off with the click of a button.
Set display order
Determine the order in which the payment methods will appear.
Add styling
Customize the look — or choose from classic, dark mode, or minimalist styling.
View on desktop and mobile
Preview what your checkout will look like on different screens.
Define conditions
Define when each payment method will appear.


Leave painstaking research and onerous technical integration work in the past, once and for all.
Explore providers
Set custom filters and access detailed profiles of curated global fraud solutions, payment methods, and processors.
Unify connections
Unify your current and future connections into one central software with clicks, not code.
Automate integration
Automate technical integration work, cutting the most repetitive portion of your go-to-market roadmap.


Reconcile your transactions in one place with the ease of automation.
See reconciliation rate by account, provider, and currency in one dashboard.
View your historical reconciliation rate by day, in timeline form.
Settlement view
See the transactions that have been reconciled with each provider in batches.


Program webhooks without code, keeping your system up to date with payment progress and status via event notifications that trigger automatically.
Send notifications to other systems or services when an event occurs.
Data synchronization
Keep data synchronized between different systems in real time.
Workflow automation
Automate workflows and processes based on events in a system.
Event-driven architecture
Use systems that react to events rather than polling for changes.

Audit logs

Stay informed about every action performed in the dashboard by team members and every event that occurs via API.
View a timeline of cross-organization actions based on date created, actor, category, and what changed.
Base your view around actions taken in the dashboard by team members, or events via API.
Create custom filters based on one or many of the categories governing data points.