A Success Driven Partner: inDrive and Yuno

Explore the dynamic partnership between inDrive and Yuno, a story of navigating complex payment landscapes to drive global expansion. This collaboration has enabled inDrive to tackle challenges in Latin America, enhancing payment approval rates and user experience with Yuno's advanced payment orchestration.

Processing payments across various countries and currencies presents a challenge for any business. For inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, these challenges were compounded by the unique financial landscape of Latin America. The region has high rates of financial exclusion, which leads to the rise of alternative payment methods.

Moreover, Latin America's regulatory environment is particularly complex, with each country having its own regulations. Consequently, payment providers are highly localized, with the most popular ones in one country often unknown in another.

To benefit from these opportunities, inDrive partnered with us, the payment orchestrator that enhances approval rates globally while improving customer experience. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance approval rates on a global scale, while simultaneously elevating the overall customer experience. 

Streamlining Payment Processes

Yuno’s advanced payment orchestration enabled inDrive to streamline its payment processes, overcoming issues such as lower card acceptance rates and a significant unbanked population relying on alternative payment methods.

Previously dependent on multiple payment providers, acquirers, and banks, inDrive found a comprehensive solution in Yuno's platform. By integrating all payment providers into a single layer, Yuno saved time, reduced risks, and cut operational costs for the mobility business.

Enhanced User Experience and Efficiency

Yuno's quick and straightforward setup process, facilitated by its no-code feature, enabled inDrive to establish a robust payment infrastructure across multiple countries within weeks. By integrating over 300 payment methods worldwide, including local and regional options, Yuno enhances inDrive's ability to offer diverse payment solutions to its customers.

Andrei Vashchenko, Payments Manager at inDrive, remarked, “In partnering with Yuno, we have greatly strengthened our payment processing capabilities, enabling us to focus our attention on our core offering as we expand internationally.”

He elaborated on the significant impact of this collaboration, highlighting how Yuno's innovative solutions have streamlined their payment processes and provided a competitive edge in the market. “Yuno’s cutting-edge interface grants us access to a vast spectrum of local, regional, and global payment methods, enabling us to reduce operational costs by quickly integrating our preferred options.”

Furthermore, Yuno's integration of information from all payment processors and anti-fraud tools into a unified interface has improved inDrive's operational efficiency. This integration has not only increased payment approval rates to approximately 90% but also enhanced payment recovery rates to more than 4.5%.

Impact on Expansion and Future Growth

With Yuno's support, inDrive has successfully expanded into 10 countries in Latin America in less than eight months. This rapid growth has positioned Brazil as one of inDrive's leading markets by the number of transactions. This powerful partnership demonstrates the significant impact of efficient payment solutions on business expansion.

Juan Pablo Ortega, CEO & Co-founder of Yuno, commented, “Our partnership with inDrive reflects our broader commitment to helping companies expand internationally by removing the roadblocks to seamless, secure, and reliable payments. By leveraging our advanced payment orchestration solutions, inDrive has been able to navigate the complexities of global commerce with ease, increasing user satisfaction and transaction security.”

As inDrive continues to set industry standards, the integration of Yuno's payment solutions remains a key component of its strategy for success. We look forward to further supporting inDrive in realizing its full growth potential on a global scale. Book a demo to better understand how Yuno can drive your business forward.