An Always Learning Partner: Open English

Discover how Open English revolutionizes online English education with Yuno's seamless payment orchestration. Learn how this partnership enhances payment processing, boosts approval rates, and expands global accessibility for students. Explore the future of e-learning innovation with Open English and Yuno, setting new standards in online education.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the barriers to learning and communication are dissolving. Open English, a pioneer and leader in online English education, is constantly innovating.

The e-learning platform took an additional step towards making English more accessible by partnering with our global payment orchestration platform, Yuno. This alliance has not only optimized Open English's financial operations but has also redefined the student experience in the process.

A Student-Centric Partnership

For Open English, students always come first. By partnering with Yuno, the e-learning platform aims to enhance the overall experience for its students by addressing one of the critical aspects of their educational journey—payment processing.

When a student chooses to enroll in an e-learning platform, the payment process is their first significant interaction with the service. By collaborating with Yuno, Open English ensures that every student has a seamless and effortless first interaction with the platform.

"Our partnership with Yuno is centered around what we are at Open English: a student-centric institution," states Wilmer Sarmiento, Co-Founder of Open English. "By enhancing our payment processing, we have increased our approval rates and reduced costs. But most importantly, we have simplified the process for our students, improving their learning experience."

Benefits of Yuno’s Payment Orchestration

Yuno enables businesses to accept a wide variety of payment methods worldwide. From credit cards to BNPL methods, businesses can handle all their payment processes from a single Dashboard. Additionally, Yuno complies with PCI requirements, ensuring the highest security in payment processing.

Since partnering with Yuno, Open English has experienced benefits ranging from increased approval rates across LATAM. By providing a broader payment method offering worldwide, Open English has removed obstacles that previously hold back potential students from accessing the online English learning platform.

Additionally, Yuno allows Open English to reduce the time-to-market in new regions, thanks to its unified payment processing integration. Meaning, Open English can expand into new countries more quickly and easily, without worrying about developing the necessary payment infrastructure.

Future Projects and Expansion Goals

The partnership with Yuno reflects Open English's ongoing commitment to innovation and improving the learning experience. As the world continues to evolve, this collaboration promises to keep transforming the way students learn English online.

Open English's vision for the future involves leveraging Yuno's payment solutions to drive further innovation, enhance the student experience, and support the company's growth in new markets. As Open English continues to set industry standards, the integration of Yuno's payment solutions is a key component of its strategy for success.